Ecommerce Exchange Podcast

Welcome to 'Ecommerce Exchange', the monthly podcast from Eastside Co. We talk to the experts and big names in ecommerce to exchange the latest insights, tips, advice and news.

Episodes 1-3

Episode 1 - Preparing for Black Friday and Christmas Sales (Louis Thompson, ESC Marketing Director)

Episode 2 - Implementing a Customer Journey Framework for Long-Term Customer Relationships (Louis Thompson, ESC Marketing Director)

Episode 3 - The Importance of Creative in Ecommerce to Boost Brand Awareness and Sales (Andy Rouse, ESC Head of Creative)

Episodes 4-6

Episode 4 - Improving Customer Loyalty in Ecommerce (ESC Founder and  CEO, Jason Stokes)

Episode 5 - SEO: Tactics and Tips for Ecommerce (ESC Head of SEO, Will King, and SEO Manager, Jack Stocking) 

Episode 6 - Turning First-Time Shoppers into Repeat Buyers (LoyaltyLion Partnerships Manager, Kerri Barnes)

Episodes 7-9

Episode 7 - Using Customer Insights and Data (Partner Manager at Klaviyo, Phil Greenwood)

Episode 8 - Social Media in a Changing World (ESC Social Media Manager, Molly Allen, and Paid Social Manager, Rob Lewis)

Episode 9 - The Future of SEO, Social Media and Google's Dominance (founder of Moz, and CEO and Co-Founder of SparkToro, Rand Fishkin)

Episodes 10-12

Episode 10 - Growing A Brand (Charlie Bowes-Lyon, Co-Founder of the sustainable deodorant company Wild Deo, talks about the challenges of creating and growing a brand) 

Episode 11 - PR, People and Pandemics (feat. Tara Tomes, MD of East Village PR)

Episode 12 - Storytelling Through Content (Melanie Deziel, author of 'The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas')

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