Shopify Meetups

Shopify Meetups are community events for merchants to gain tips and advice from ecommerce experts, in order to grow their own businesses.


What are Shopify Meetups?

Where can I find a Meetup near to me?

What are Shopify Meetups?

Meetups are events run all around the world and online by Shopify and their partners such as Eastside Co. They're opportunities for merchants to learn and network with others in ecommerce, and often include talks from ecommerce and marketing experts. Eastside Co hosts Shopify Meetups several times a year, both in person and online.

Our in-person events are regularly hosted in Birmingham, England. Sign up to our mailing list and we will keep you in the loop with our upcoming events. The Meetups are free and normally last for about 2 hours. If you’re not based in the UK or are not able to attend the events, we normally send the presentations and a video of the evening after the event.

We also host online Shopify Meetups which feature ecommerce experts presenting and discussing topics via webinars, with the added bonus that audience attendance is not limited by geography. It also gives the opportunity for live Q and A.

You can watch some of our online events here.

Where can I find a Meetup near to me?

Shopify has a Meetups page where upcoming events around the world are listed. Keep an eye out for the Eastside Co events (or sign up to our mailing list to be first in line for tickets). There are many Partners around the world who host events so there should be something for all merchants, no matter what stage of the ecommerce journey they’re at.


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