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Trunk Clothiers

Founded in 2010, Trunk Clothiers is a men's fashion retailer offering brands with the quality and style of high-end labels, previously unavailable in London. This approach has extended to an in-house Trunk label offering similar classic styles. They describe themselves as 'the gents of the industry'.

Trunk Clothiers


One of the key objectives was to reproduce the retail environment online, creating a homely, friendly and relaxed experience for the customer.

The personal, friendly and trusted in-store service was implicit: they're people who care and advise, not a faceless ecommerce store.

From a business perspective, Trunk wanted to grow the online revenue to represent a much larger percentage of the overall sales mix so the site needed to be conversion focused with great UX.

The aim was to reveal why the stock brands are noteworthy and why Trunk added them to their curated approach. This resulted in an editorial style, with brand highlights featuring across the path to purchase - ensuring we always inform and inspire the visitor, just like the in-store experience.

This included a brand on the homepage and highlighted details within the image grid on collection and product pages. This was supported by a restructured product organisation and navigation.

Trunk Clothiers Top Nav


The site established a strong content hierarchy to ensure brand engagement without missing conversion opportunities. Trunk is a brand whose success comes from repeat custom and strong customer satisfaction. This needed to be reflected in the website, so we utilised opportunities to surface content about Trunk’s origins, the lifestyle of the owner and its patrons.

Trunk’s exquisite in-house photography gave us scope to design something which really emphasises the attention to detail Trunk afford to elements such as cuffs and seams.

A key factor was to make the site reminiscent of the physical store, where people go to discover new or unusual brands. The in-store staff are knowledgeable about the brands: the site does the same, revealing the brand and points of interest. We also included references to the staff and presented sections with curated picks. In design terms their fashion style is classic but their shops feel like they could be a living room - we wanted to bring this aesthetic to life on the site.

Trunk Social

Attention was paid to the structuring and navigation as well, particularly how to present each brand and highlight their collections effectively.

Trunk Clothiers


The in-house team at Trunk didn’t have the capacity to handle time-consuming content development or site management. This wasn’t a problem using Shopify as the platform. We built the site in such a way to make it flexible, and easy to manage and update.

Shopify Marketing Strategy

As part of the platform migration, the build included onsite SEO. We implemented a number of checks and measures to ensure website traffic was not disrupted throughout the process and post-migration.

We continue to work with the brand on paid social, PPC and SEO marketing channels.

SEO Strategy

A long-term SEO strategy with multiple streams of activity has paid dividends since the site launched. Keyword research and content optimisation, and the creation of additional pages have all helped drive traffic to the site. Technical work such as monitoring and fixing 404 errors helps keep the site healthy and optimal for search engines. Link-building has also formed a key part of the strategy. When all the tactics work together over a period of time the results speak for themselves with increases in impressions, clicks, sessions, conversion rates and revenue.

Trunk sessions

Pay Per Click

PPC has been a successful tactic, with impressions increased from 1,515,372 in the 6 month period prior to working with us, to 3,996,883 in the first 6 months with us.

Conversion rates and revenue are also hugely increased - in fact all PPC metrics are growing year on year as we manage the account. Our experts continue to optimise campaigns, keywords and bid modifiers to improve performance, as well as building new audiences to capture additional revenue.

PPC Impressions

Trunk PPC impressions

PPC Clicks

Clicks also showed a consistent upward trend:

PPC clicks
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